Graf, S., Linhartova, P., & Sczesny, S. (2019). The effects of news report valence and linguistic labels on prejudice against social minorities. Media Psychology. DOI:1080/15213269.2019.1584571.



PDF of presentation "Media shape majority’s attitudes toward immigrants": Lausanne_Immigrants in the media

PDF of presentation for the journalists at Czech Radio [in Czech]: CRO_Imigranti v mediich



Media release "Information and language in news impact prejudice against minorities" by the Media Relations at the University of Bern [MediaReleaseUniBE]

Radio report about the results of "Immigrants in the Media" broadcasted by the Czech Radio, ČRo Plus


Interview about previous research projects for the Czech Academy Bulletin

Interview about the “immigration crisis” and possibilities to challenge prejudice for the news server

Interview about the findings of "Immigrants in the media" - the effect of newspaper reports on prejudice for the journal 7th GENERATION

Interview with the title "How to fight prejudice? An example of relations among people of five nationalities in Central Europe" about the outcomes of the previous research project 13-25656S evaluated as "excellent" by the Czech Science Foundation 





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